Oandu Ikla Estonia

Oandu-Aegviidu-Ikla hiking route is a long hiking trail that goes through the whole country, from border to border, from sea to sea. The trail is 370 km long and begins from North-Estonia Lahemaa National Park, goes through Kõrvemaa Landscape Reserve and Soomaa National Park – one of Europe’s biggest bog landscapes. The end of the trail goes on through the forests of Pärnu County reaching finally the small fisherman’s villages of South-West coast and the beautiful sandy beaches of Liivi Bay.

We startet at the Baltic Sea in the small town of Altja and hike towards Oandu to the nature center of the RMK in the Lahemaa National Park. This is where the Oandu-Ikla Trail starts. We walked to Ardu (120km) in six days. On the way we were on the trekking sites of the RMK. The campsites are very well equipped, clean and free of charge. We never found thus comfortable campsites before. There has never been a problem with drinking water, on the contrary to what I read before. Of course we carried a filter with us and use it sometimes.
Here you can download the gpx


It wasn’t as difficult as we thought to get always good water. Here is the list where we get water:

Oandu Visitor Centre – you can buy water in the Centre or use the well

Võsu campsite – there is a water tap 2 minutes in the wood

Nõmmeveski near the waterfall (see picture)

Kalmeoja campsite from the lake (with filter)

Aegviidu there are shops

Mägede lake at the campsite (with filter)

here you find the youtube vid

Some impressions from the trail